FruityBirds v1.2 Released!

Posted: 24th October 2011 by admin in Games

FruityBirds is my second game on the Android market :)


More phones supported.
APPS2SD Supported (minimum Android 2.2 is Required)
Level 1 now has a tutorial!
Time spent at end of level now looks better.
Music restarts from beginning when starting a new level.

FruityBirds is a very fun and addictive game for all ages! Tablet Optimized!

This game does not contain any Angry Birds, only funny, happy and fruity birds :)

The goal of FruityBirds is to create Fruit shakes, you do this by clicking the birds that fly over, if clicked they will drop the fruit they are carrying. You will need to click at the right time to let the fruit drop in the correct barrel (Apples go into the red barrel, Bananas into the yellow barrel, Grapes into the Blue barrel and Pears into the Green barrel). If you drop the fruit in a wrong barrel you will lose a life! In the lower right corner you can see how much fruit of each type you need to complete the next fruit shake. Only the the fruit that’s still needed for the next fruit shake will show there. Once you have enough fruit the fruit shake will appear on the right side of the screen and will start moving to the left on the conveyor, clicking the fruit will speed up the fruit shake (10 point for the first click, 30 point for second click and 100 points for the 3rd click!). The Fruit shake will stop if there is dropped fruit on the conveyor, click the dropped fruit to remove it. Each level has a high score and a star rating, you can replay the levels to reach the high score and 3 stars if you did not get it at the first try.

Each Scene contains 10 levels, Scene 3 and 4 will be released soon if there are enough people interested ;)

I hope I can make some people happy with my game :)

if anyone is interested in drawing and/or making music for me just contact me :)

I would like to thank my wife for the game idea!


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