Galaxy Bouncer V1.0 Released!

Posted: 11th January 2012 by admin in Games

Hi Everyone,

Today I released a new game on the android market called Galaxy Bouncer.

Link to the Market

In Galaxy Bouncer you need to collect golden tiles to get back home to planet Earth! (Control the game via Tilting your phone Left/Right/Up and Down (Similar to Air Penguin), Hold your phone in a 45 Degree angle to stay still, tilting it lower will move you forward, tilting it higher will move you backwards, Phone flat is fastest forward, phone at 90 degrees UP is fastest backwards) To advance to the next planet you will need 25 Green Stars. These Green Stars you can get by completing each levels with as few jumps as you can, less jumps means higher Star Count (3 Max), Each level also has a hidden Green Star (Some of them need to be activated by turning all Red buttons to Green).

After the 10 levels per Planet are completed you can do a bonus round, in this bonus round you need to turn on all Bonus switches, if you are successful then you get 3 Extra Green Stars.

Version 1.0 contains 33 levels and every week I will add 11 levels until the Earth is reachable!

Music by Kevin MacLeod (Track is called: Antagonist A)

Have Fun!

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